House Captains


We have 4 houses within Dreghorn Primary; Shewalton, Perceton, Dundonald and Overtoun.  Each of the Houses are named after a different area around Dreghorn.  Every child, when they enrol in Dreghorn, are placed into one of our Houses.  This helps us build an identity together and helps to create a family feel within the school.

Every year we need new House Captains to lead each of our Houses and these come from our Primary 7 classes. Each Primary 7 who wished to lead their House gave a speech to the children and hoped for the best!  All the children within each House voted for whom they felt would lead their team the best.  The results were tight but in end there can only be one captain.

Meet this sessions House Captains.

Shewalton                              Perceton                                Dundonald                              Overtoun

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All good Captains need a little support sometimes and that is why each House also has two Vice Captains.
This session our House Captains and Vice Captains are going to work together to build community, partnership working and team spirit within the school.  They will do this by leading the children in a number of events organised by them.  They are hoping to start by running a quiz event.  Watch this space!