Mrs Rogerson, our Principal Teacher, has begun a fabulous Athletics Club with our P5s-7s.  This will help prepare us for later on in the session when North Ayrshire Council holds the inter-schools athletics competition.  We have been working hard on a variety of different skills that we will need.

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Our p4-7 choir recently took part in a Rights Respecting Schools concert organised by some pupils from Greenwood Academy. They performed along side pupils from Greenwood and feeder primary schools and represented the school to a high standard – as always!
They chose to perform ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry as the song as a strong message about making your voice heard and standing up for what you believe in. For some choir members it was their first time singing in front of a large audience but they dealt with their nerves like professionals and pulled off an incredible performance. Our more experienced members provided lots of support to the new members – this attitude is what makes us such an awesome team!
The choir have lots more performances coming up nearer to Christmas so watch our for them in a venue near you!

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Our Choir is very successful and under the leadership of Mrs Dorby has performed all over the place this winter.  The went along to the Rivergate Centre in Irvine to sing and entertain the shoppers.
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They then were requested to go along to a Nursing Home in Prestwick where one of our granny’s works.  The children were a big hit there and even were given a wee selection box for all their hard work.
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They then went along to the local church to perform at a coffee morning where they managed to have time to have a wee bite to eat and a slurp of juice to help their singing voices.
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During the 1st block of our ‘Science Fun Club’ we have explored DNA, built catapults, constructed marshmallow towers and used items we would find in the house to create experiments.
With DNA we learned that we have 46 chromosomes – 23 from the maternal side and 23 from the paternal. It is the chromosomes we inherit that make us who we are. To demonstrate this we were all given the same materials to create Reebops. We rolled a dice to see what features our Reebop would have. Look at how different they all are!
When we created our marshmallow towers the team that build the strongest tower won a prize – however we all got to eat the marshmallows at the end!
We used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, oil and vitamin C tablets to create chemical reactions. We also used cornflour and water to make Oobleck. When squeezed Oobleck feels solid and when you stop it slips through your fingers like a liquid.
We also constructed catapults and had a competition to see who’s would fly the furthest.
We have had lots of fun!
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Our singing club, ‘the Melody Shakers’, took part in raising funds for Sing Out for Hansel for Hansel Village.  They went along to Asda at the Rivergate Centre and sang a little Christmas cheer for all the shoppers.  Not only was their singing wonderful but they also managed to raise lots of money for Hansel Village.

Well done Melody Shakers.