Diversity Fortnight

The RRSA group announced at assembly that we would be holding a Diversity Fortnight in the month of November.  The Diversity Fortnight was to give each year group the time to study  how different our world is.  All year groups were given a different theme to explore.
world      female-male      china      african-culture

Primary 1 – Different Families
Primary 2 – African Culture
Primary 3 – The World is our kitchen
Primary 4 – Children at play
Primary 5 – China
Primary 5/6 – Gender Stereotypes
Primary 6 – Travelling Community
Primary 7 – Refugees

All the classes took part a number of different activities throughout the week, with visitors coming in to talk with classes about their experiences across the world.
The RRSA group held a Diversity competition in which the children had to design a person from any place in the world.  The results were fantastic.  With first place for each year group being called out at assembly.
dsc01238   sam_2302   sam_2305   sam_2304   sam_2301                                           sam_2303   sam_2299   dsc01239

At the end of the fortnight information and work made by each year group was gathered together and displayed in the dining hall for all to come and see before we held our special ‘sharing our learning’ assembly.  There was lots of good work learned by all with even parents commenting at the school gate about the variety of learning their children were taking part in.
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As you can see a lot has been achieved by all the children with knowledge bein g shared throughout the school.